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Exotic Dancers, Adult Entertainers - Tallahassee, Florida

Strippers & Striptease ~ Sensual Massage ~ Companionship ~ Performance ~ Adult Conversation ~ Call with your requests, it's our pleasure!


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Whatever you need...We've got an Entertainer for you!

Bachelor parties * Bachelorette parties * Birthday parties * Couples * Singles * Special Requests ...and more!

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photos & descriptions of additional on-call dancers! **

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Got a hankering for a lapdance?  Disappointed that Leon County doesn’t have any strip clubs?  We are, too….but our strippers bring the party to you!  
New in town, here for business, or just tired of the “same old, same old”?  Give us a call – we have hot girls and guys ready to keep you company right now!
Planning a bachelor party, and feeling like there’s something missing?  Call us – we’ve got the perfect fix!  ;-)
Looking for some gorgeous, friendly adult company & conversation?  Call now to spice up your night (or morning….or afternoon….we’re here!).

Our gorgeous, friendly, fun, professional dancers and entertainers love to make sure you enjoy your time together.  We’ll dance, strip, massage, talk, read bedtime stories, and more.  And we’ll honor special requests wherever we can.

We love feedback and referrals!  If you enjoyed your entertainment, feel free to call or text and let us know: 850-597-1226 or 850-597-1227.  Additionally, you can recommend us to your friends, like us on Facebook, or post a glowing review on

“There are few problems in life that a beautiful pair of tits in your face can’t fix, at least temporarily.”
-VIP Entertainment co-founder Gloria Jane

“Not only are exotic dancers fun and beautiful… they’re often interesting, smart, friendly people who happen to be enterprising and fearless!”
-VIP Entertainment co-founder Natasha Leigh

“Sometimes, when I'm alone, I put on six inch heels and wear nothing else and dance around in front of the mirror and do my little stripper dance.”
-Tori Spelling, actress

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